Login Page Type Tutorial


The platform allows its customers to have user accounts in their apps. This has become possible since we have designed a Login page type. To add a Login page to the resources of your app you can do the following: go to your app’s Dashboard → Edit Pages → +Add New Page. In the menu…

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GPS Coupon Tutorial

The GPS Coupon Page is a way for businesses to reward frequent customers with incentives for repeat business. It works by reading the mobile phone’s GPS coordinates and then checks to see if they are at the same coordinates as your businesses location. When they accumulate enough check-ins they get their check-in incentive (i.e. free…

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Coupon Page Tutorial

The coupon type page allows to include a coupon image in your app which the end user will be able to use (namely show it to the vendor) in order to benefit of a discount, etc. The coupon image becomes unlocked (displayed on the screen of the device) after end user scans a certain amount…

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Loyalty Page Tutorial

Loyalty Page represents a feature that allows you to reward customers for making purchases from the same vendor or company. Loyalty programs may offer prizes, reward points, future discounts and other incentives designed to keep customers. Set up one or many items eligible for loyalty program page. You set the rules to products that you…

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App Creation Mindmap


Before you start to create any app, you must consider the following: What type of an app is it? Is it for a local business or is it a niche app? What is my customer avatar? Who am I talking to? What content will I use to keep them engaged? How can I monetize it?…

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How to get a Facebook App ID (Facebook API Key)


If you are using at least one of the Facebook related features/page types in your App then you need to set a Facebook App ID (API Key) in App Dashboard > App Settings > Facebook. The features that are related with Facebook are : App Share, Rate & Review, Mosaic, Photo Effect, Sharing, Ratings, Scoreboard…

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How To Increase Your Sales With Push Notifications?

Push Notifications

  Whether you are building an app for yourself to market your products and services or for your client, you have a very powerful and effective tool at your fingertips – push notifications service. What is push notification? It is a simple message you can send to all users of your mobile application to alert…

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How To Submit Apps To Amazon Marketplace?


To submit a mobile application to Amazon App Store, you need to open Amazon developer. Unlike other developer accounts, this one is free to sign up. To get started, simply navigate to this page: https://developer.amazon.com/appsandservices/ click “Register Now” and follow the on screen instructions. 1. After registration, click on “Add New App” 2. Choose Android…

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How to Add a Website to your App?


If you want to add an existing website to your mobile app and use it as one of your app TABS/ PAGES so the content is automatically pulled from a live website, then do the following:   Step 1: Go to “Edit Application Pages” and add a new page:   Step 2: Type in “mobile”,…

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How To Submit Apps To iTunes Using Your Own Account?


How Submit An App To iTunes Using Your Own Developer Account: To submit applications to iTunes, you need to open iOS developer account. It costs $99/year. Follow the link below to sign up now. If you do not have AppleID, you will be prompted to create one first. Once you have your AppleID ready, you…

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